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MTL Motivators: Time Management

In the "Time Management" Motivators, you'll find some of the best quotes ever written about the nature of time and how to manage it better. Read Lin Yutang's advice on how to spend a perfect afternoon; Abraham Lincoln's famous tip on managing a project; what Samuel Smiles thought was the quickest way to do many things; Mark Twain's secret for getting ahead, and what John Ruskin thought was the real difference between those who succeed and those who fail. There are 100 slides in this delightful collection. Use them before and after your formal time management training to focus your thoughts. Browse through them in spare moments to motivate yourself to manage your time better. Or use the exercise further down as an original twist on any "Time Management" courses you're running.

"Time Management" Motivators: Our Selection of Short Quotes

The following selection of quotes from this collection is based on their brevity, wit, and charm. They're ideal for use in the training game that we'll give you below.

1. "If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got." (Lee Iacocca)

2. "The word No is a great time saver. Say No to anything that is not the highest and best use of your time." (Brian Tracy)

3. "Until you can manage Time, you can manage nothing." (Peter Drucker)

4. "Time is nature’s way of making sure everything doesn’t happen at once." (Source Unknown)

5. "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot." (Michael Altshuler)

"Time Management" Motivators: "People Puzzle Pieces"

As well as using this selection of quotes to motivate yourself and others, you can also use them on any time management training course in the game of "People Puzzle Pieces". This game is a great energiser for playing in between more formal sessions and, because it gets people up and out of their seats, can change the whole dynamic of the group. Start by selecting either a handful of short quotes from the "Time Management" Motivators collection (those above will do fine) or one longer quote. Break the quote(s) down into shorter phrases and write these phrases on large cards. Now ask who wants to be puzzle pieces and who wants to be puzzle solvers (restrict these to just 2 or 3 people). Get the puzzle pieces to come up one at a time, select one of the A4 cards, and stand in order at the front of the room showing their cards in front of them. When all puzzle pieces are lined up, the job of the puzzle solvers is to move the puzzle pieces into the right positions to complete the quote or quotes. Restrict the number of tries the puzzle solvers have to complete the game before you declare whether they have put people in the right order or need further goes. You'll find that the game will create a lot of laughter and, as a valuable by-product, the memorisation of some important time management advice.

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