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"Transform Your Fear"

Fear is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have. It can be both a protective and destructive force depending on the situation. Too often, it is destructive, holding us back from achieving our potential. In this ebook from Evolution Ezine, you'll discover 22 powerful tools that will help you transform the destructive side of fear and convert it into happiness, peace and inspiration.

What You'll Learn in "Transform Your Fear"

Within the pages of this life-changing ebook you will discover...

· how to create effective affirmations to feel calm, centered and confident
· how to use journalling to explore inner blockages
· 3 top tips on how to connect with pure positive energy
· how to transcend overwhelming fear using the 3-step Sedona method
· how to produce more Feel Good chemicals into your brain …naturally…
· 4 powerful prayers and a wonderful meditation to soothe fearful thoughts
· how to release charged emotions through grounding
· 3 Simple ways to turn fear into gratitude
· how to use a feel good trigger to instantly release fear and stress.

Some of the 22 Techniques in this E-Book

Here are some of the 22 techniques that you'll learn in this e-book to help you transform your fear:

1. Connecting with Pure Positive Energy
2. Staying in the Present Moment
3. Energy Medicine Techniques
4. Meditating to Release Fear
5. Seeking an Objective Opinion
6. Destroying Fear Symbolically
7. Clearing Negativity with Ho'oponopono
8. Releasing Charged Emotions Through Grounding
9. Expelling Fear Through Breath Work
10. Sound Therapy
11. Turning Fear Into Gratitude
12. Subconscious Programming

What Else Is There In "Transform Your Fear"?

As well as the 22 life-changing techniques that have been selected for you, "Transform Your Fear" also gives you links to free audios, articles, teleseminars, and videos on the Evolution Ezine website. Also, the ebook now comes with Free Giveaway Rights so that you can pass it on freely to others in your network and so help them conquer their fear of fear. 

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