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MTL Bumper Bundles

Unbeatable Value-for-Money Collections of Outstanding Training Products

The MTL Bumper Bundles are your chance to own full collections of ManageTrainLearn product series and make significant savings over normal catalogue prices. By downloading full sets of our product series, you can create instant libraries of outstanding, original, and useable training material. These management training collections are ideal for corporate training departments, training consultants, and trainers who want to offer their clients cutting-edge learning products and services.

Customer Testimonials

"I have found MTL products to be excellent for my purposes. My trainees have benefited from ease of understanding the subject. On a personal note, when I requested a particular topic I was contacted very quickly and was satisfied with the result." (Jack Johnson MA, DMS, FRSA, FInstLM. Learning, Coaching, Training, Development)

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MTL Bumper Bundles Downloads

Click on the product groups below to access the individual sets and collections. On these collection pages, you will be able to see individual items in each collection.

MTL Bumper Bundles: Products

  • Bumper Bundles 01: E-Manuals
  • When you buy our MTL Bumper Bundle of E-Manuals, you receive ALL 20 management training manuals in the MTL E-Manuals series with a 20% discount off the total pr...
  • Bumper Bundles 02: One-Day Course Plans
  • Download the largest library of course plans online - and save 20% on all catalogue prices!The MTL Bumper Bundle collection of People Management One-Day Course ...
  • Bumper Bundles 03: Step by Step Series
  • When you buy our MTL Step by Step Bumper Bundle, you'll receive ALL management pocketbooks in the Step by Step series with a 20% discount off the total pric...
  • Bumper Bundles 04: Mini-Courses
  • Buy all 80 MTL Mini-Courses at a 20% discount!The MTL Bumper Bundle collection of Mini-Courses is a library of 80 short and succinct courses that will help you ...
  • Bumper Bundles 05: Online Courses
  • Create the Learning Organisation in Just One Click by Subscribing to Our Collection of 100 E-Learning Courses!The MTL Bumper Bundle collection of Online Courses...
  • Bumper Bundles 06: Stories that Coach
  • Download all 300 Stories that Coach in our Great Discounted Bumper Bundle collectionThe MTL Bumper Bundle collection of the "Stories that Coach" serie...
  • Bumper Bundles 07: MTL Teambuilders
  • Buy all 40 MTL Teambuilders at a 20% discount!The MTL Bumper Bundle collection of the Teambuilders series consists of all 40 titles in this series of team train...