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MTL Motivators

Inspire Your Staff to Greatness

MTL Motivators are a simple but powerful way to inspire, amuse, and motivate your staff whether in individual learning programmes or as part of a training course. The set consists of 100 beautifully-illustrated slides in MS Powerpoints format which you can deliver as they are or customise to your own needs. The sets of motivational quotes cover all areas of management and personal development and are guaranteed to be an instant mood-uplifter.

Customer Testimonials

"I use ManageTrainLearn to further my own development and gain new ideas in specific areas of training. Whatever the training topic, MTL have the product delivered simply and professionally. A great organisation that you can reply on to support you with training materials." (Maureen Bell, Director, Speak with Presence, North Sydney, Australia)

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MTL Motivators: Preview and Download

Here are some of the ways you can preview and download the MTL Motivators:
· to preview the free MTL Motivators sampler, click here
· to download MTL Motivators, click below. 

Note: the MTL Motivators is delivered as a Powerpoint file. 

MTL Motivators: Products

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