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MTL Online Courses

The Best in Management and Personal Development E-Learning

MTL Online Courses are amongst the very best in online courses around.

With a choice of 100 management topics, you can be learning your chosen subject from your computer in just seconds from now and continuing to do so from your Internet browser at any time for the next year.

Each MTL Online Course is a journey of discovery around your chosen topic. In each course, you'll find outstanding content that is easy to follow plus a compelling visual interface that makes everything you want to learn just a few clicks away. In each course, we'll also give you aids such as a course plan, self-assessment, overview, trainer introductions, content-rich topics, animations, quizzes, key points, reviews, action to-do lists, course completion certificates, and much more.

All MTL Online Courses are based on the training we carry out in the classroom. We've designed the courses to follow a logical instructional design process. So taking an online course with us is like a real-time course, only quicker, easier, and without the hassle and the cost.

You can see full previews of 6 of the MTL Online Courses by going to the following courses in this list:

· Customer Complaints
· Influencing Skills
· Working with Conflict
· Presentations: Mastering the Delivery
· Problem-Solving
· Non-Doing Work  

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