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Free MTL SkillBoosters

Boost Your Skills with these Free Information-Packed Summaries

Free MTL SkillBoosters are a set of 250 beautifully-presented one-page summaries that will instantly boost your knowledge of key management skill topics. They are perfect for quick updates, reminders, and refreshers and can be used for both personal learning and workplace training. Since the summer of 2013, we have also made the SkillBoosters free to download as an accompaniment to each of MTL's courses on My Learning Log.

Customer Testimonials

"If you want short, sharp, effective and usable information, MTL's SkillBoosters are just the job! They contain up-to-date ideas that can be easily applied in the real world and can support any other learning and development materials to boost your awareness and capabilities. They're like a snack that keeps you going!" (Mark Williams MWA Marketing Agency Cardiff, Wales)

"The information available on the "Servant Leaders" SkillBooster has been exceptionally helpful in creating a successful, motivated, happy work environment. It has provided additional skills to our 'Adding Value' training as well as staff being able to 'see' themselves in a different way. This MTL SkillBooster has challenged behaviours and resulted in huge positive outcomes for both staff and customers alike. Thanks Manage Train Learn, keep the management skill topics coming." (Sally Van Gaalen, BOC Ltd)

"MTL has changed the way I look at training by providing appropriate SkillBooster techniques. These help in identifying and zeroing in on problem areas faster and hence providing satisfactory solutions." (Indrani Narasimhan)

"I've never written a testimonial before, but the MTL SkillBoosters I downloaded are simply superb. You call them SkillBoosters but I call them bundles of wisdom spread on a single sheet. I loved them and plan to have more." (Prathyusa)

Note: MTL SkillBoosters are delivered as pdf files. 

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