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MTL Skills Collections

Download the Very Best in Management Skills Training Products

The MTL Skills Collections are your chance to own full collections of skill-related products from the ManageTrainLearn catalogue and make significant savings over normal catalogue prices. For each of the 20 skill collections, you'll get all the relevant Mini-Courses, E-Manuals, Step-by-Step handbooks, Online Courses, One-Day Course Plans, and SkillBoosters for that particular skill making these the very best materials for each skill that you'll find. By downloading full sets of these management skills training products, you can create instant libraries of outstanding, original, and practical training material. These management training collections are ideal for corporate training departments, training consultants, and trainers who want to offer their clients the very best in skills training.

Customer Testimonials

"Many thanks for the products and links. Some fabulous tips and information in respect of training. Great fun also for the long term members of staff as the “daily smile” works wonders for morale and I learned so much from the” Amazing facts” emails." (Linda Sanjuan, Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd)

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MTL Skills Collections Downloads

Click on the product groups below to access the individual sets and collections. On these collection pages, you will be able to see individual items in each collection.

Note: MTL Skills Collections are currently on offer at 20% discount over catalogue prices. Check individual product items to see file formats.

MTL Skills Collections: Products

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