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041. Influencing Skills

Instant and Accessible Learning

The "Influencing Skills" online course is a self-paced e-learning course that will show you how to develop the skills needed to influence others successfully. Skilfully designed to be accessible 24/7 from your IE or Mozilla browser, this online course will be valuable to anyone who wants to develop their skills in negotiating and working with others.

Learning at its Best

Like all the online courses in this series, "Influencing Skills" is designed in 5 parts to mirror how people learn best. These 5 parts are::
· an Introduction, including a Welcome, Overview, Self-assessment, and Aims of the Course
· a series of Topics related to the subject with trainer introductions, models of important concepts, pop-up animations, "things to do" reminders, and key points
· a range of Quiz questions to test what you've studied
· a Review of Aims
· a final round-up including quiz scores and certificate of completion.

Topics in "Influencing Skills"

In this online course, you'll learn some of the key topics in negotiating skills and working with others. They include:
1. What is Influence?
2. Why Influence Matters
3. The Wind and the Sun
4. Where Influence Works
5. Influence and Motivation
6. We Are Easily Influenced
7. Conscious Influence
8. First, Build Rapport
9. Matching Techniques
10. Factors in Influencing
11. Where You Start From
12. Liking
13. Their Intelligence
14. Meeting Their Needs
15. Different Needs
16. Your Credibility
17. Your Arguments
18. An Appeal From Aristotle
19. Tactical Influencing
20. Make It Acceptable
21. Your Authority
22. An Influencing Script

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