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26. The Interviewer's Office

An Overview of "The Interviewer's Office"

"The Interviewer's Office" is a training team exercise that shows how easily we all make judgments about others. Left alone in an interviewer's office, teams have to draw conclusions about the interviewer from the items in his or her office. A simple but valuable game that can be used to make learning points on diversity, assumptions, and culture.

Aims of this Teambuilder

The 3 aims of "The Interviewer's Office" are:
To show teams how easy it is to draw conclusions about people
To share assumptions with others
To learn the importance of keeping an open mind

How to Use this Teambuilder

Like all these training team exercises, "The Interviewer's Office" provides you with a comprehensive guide to using this exercise on any teambuilding event. The Teambuilder will show you how to prepare, how to introduce the exercise, how to run it with possible variations and alternatives, and how to debrief and lead a post-exercise discussion.

"The Interviewer's Office" also comes with the following worksheets and resources:
Worksheet 01: The Interviewer's Office – Item List
Worksheet 02: The Interviewer's Office - Questions
Worksheet: Self-Assessment
Worksheet: Exercise Evaluation
Appendix 01: A New World Leader

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