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28. Main Street

An Overview of "Main Street"

"Main Street" is an original training team exercise that can be used to practise working in large teams. Using a set of information cards that can be kept hidden from their colleagues, players have to work out who lives where on Main Street. The game can only be solved when everyone in the team participates and so has valuable learning points for the responsibility of individuals in team success.

Aims of this Teambuilder

The 3 aims of "Main Street" are:
To practise working together in large teams to solve a problem
To underline the responsibility everyone in the team has for team success
To manage varied information in a team.

How to Use this Teambuilder

Like all the training team exercises in this series, "Main Street" provides you with a comprehensive guide to using this exercise on any teambuilding event. The Teambuilder will show you how to prepare, how to introduce the exercise, how to run it with possible variations and alternatives, and how to debrief and lead a post-exercise discussion.

"Main Street" also comes with the following worksheets and resources:
Worksheet 01: Main Street - Instructions
Worksheet 02: Information Cards 1 -6
Worksheet 03: Information Cards 7 -12
Worksheet 04: Information Cards 13-18
Worksheet 05: Information Cards 19-20
Worksheet 06: Main Street Solution
Worksheet 06: Rationale
Worksheet 06: Rationale Table
Worksheet: Self-Assessment
Worksheet: Exercise Evaluation
Appendix 01: Left and Right Brains

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