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"9 Lives of Leadership"

An Overview of "9 Lives of Leadership"

This e-book is a compilation of 9 conversations on leadership that author Lisa Haneberg held with 9 influential leaders. It is a book about leaders for leaders offering ideas and perspectives that willl make the difficult job of leader a bit easier.

About Author Lisa Haneberg

The author of "9 Lives of Leadership" is Lisa Haneberg who is a certified master trainer and has worked in management and leadership development for nearly 20 years with companies such as, Black and Decker, and Intel. Lisa conducted the conversations with leaders book with people ranging from sales and marketing consultant Keith Ferrazzi to management consultant Eileen Shapiro.

Contents of "9 Lives of Leadership"

The following are the 9 conversations with leaders that are featured in this e-book:
1. Go Deep Fast with Keith Ferrazzi: Develop strong relationships as a catalyst for success.
2. Organic Leadership with Peter Han: Learn from the career paths of highly successful mega-leaders.
3. HOT Teams and Getting into the Mood with Laurence Haughton: Improve results and satisfaction by optimizing team member performance.
4. Let's Get Radical with Sally Hogshead: Add energy and velocity to you and your employees' career growth
5. The Start-Up Spirit with Jason Jennings: Infuse your employees' work environment with the energy of a start-up while leveraging their well-established systems and processes
6. The Clarity State with Luda Kopeikina: Make tough decisions in an easier and more effective manner.
7. Organisational DNA with Gary Neilson: Determine your organisation's predominant style and use this information to more effectively drive change.
8. Emotional Acumen with Tim Sanders: Increase employees' impact and influence with others.
9. Betting at Work with Eileen Shapiro: Up your odds for success and take control of your destiny.

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