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MTL Motivators: Assertiveness

In "Assertiveness" Motivators, you'll find some of the best quotes ever written about confidence, self-esteem and respect for yourself and others. Read what Woody Allen's one regret in life is; why Anthony Trollope believed a man should never think he wasn't good enough; why Lao Tzu thought a great man shouldn't assert himself, and what Joyce Brothers thought was the best possible preparation for success in life. There are 100 slides in this wonderful collection. Browse through them for insights and pleasure. Share them with others in your online or offline network. Or scroll down the page for an original way to use them on your training courses.

Assertiveness Motivators: Our Top 5 Quotes

It's hard to select the best 5 quotes from this collection, as there are so many. But here goes.

1. "Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks on great and honourable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself." (Cicero 106 - 43 BC)

2. "Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?" (Fanny Brice)

3. "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." (Harvey Feinstein)

4. "Accept everything about yourself, I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end, no apologies, no regrets." (Clark Moustakas)

5. "Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on." (Maxwell Maltz)

"Assertiveness" Motivators: The "Top Ten Quotes" Exercise

You can use this collection of "Assertiveness" Motivators on your own computer or send them to your colleagues and co-workers. But, if you're a trainer, here is a way to use them in an Assertiveness training course exercise called "Top Ten Quotes". To play "Top Ten Quotes", select 10 quotes from the "Assertiveness" Motivators collection and write them out on 10 flipcharts. Number each flipchart and post these around the training room. Now hand out 10 post-it notes to everyone and ask them to number the post-it notes from 1 to 10. Then invite them to go round each of the posters, read the quote and award it one of the marks out of 10 by putting their post-it score on the flipchart. When everyone has posted their marks, add up the scores for each flipchart and identify the top 10 list of Assertiveness quotes. (You could do this in reverse order as if you were presenting a beauty contest or top ten record countdown.) Discuss why people made their selections and whether the final order is one they all agree with.

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