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"The Best Leadership Advice EVER"

An Overview of "The Best Leadership Advice EVER"

This e-book is a compilation of over 50 pieces of leadership advice given by readers of James Adonis's website at . James says about this e-book:

"As an obsessive researcher of people management and employee engagement strategies, I've dedicated years and years to showing managers how to get their employees to love their work and be great at it.

But I've continuously been amazed by the leadership advice I've heard from people who aren't specialists in this area. So that's what this book is all about. Rather than more tips from me, I've asked people for the best leadership advice they've ever received. This e-book contains over 50 of their responses.

Have a read, mull it over, and feel free to share it around. The more managers we have reading this stuff, the better."

About Author James Adonis

James Adonis is one of Australia's most well-known people management thinkers. He is a leading international expert on employee engagement, and the co-founder and managing director of Team Leaders - a company dedicated to developing and recruiting the very best managers.

Downloading "The Best Leadership Advice EVER"

This e-book is one of the shortest books in the MTL E-book product section but it is one of the most beautifully designed and full of common sense leadership advice. The tips come from some of the most experienced leaders in their field, not gurus or authors of management manuals, but those working in leadership positions in organisations around the world. To download "The Best Leadership Advice EVER", simply click the link below. 

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