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Bumper Bundles 04: Mini-Courses

Buy all 80 MTL Mini-Courses at a 20% discount!

The MTL Bumper Bundle collection of Mini-Courses is a library of 80 short and succinct courses that will help you develop your skills in all 20 of the key management and personal development skills. Attractively designed and easy-to-navigate, our Bumper Bundle is ideal for those who want to develop their learning in a quick and effective way.

With all Mini-Courses downloaded to your computer with this Bumper Bundle, taking a course is easy. Simply select your skill, choose a course, and then your topic. You can navigate where you want to go with each page giving you an original illustration and distilled relevant learning points. The mini-courses in this Bumper Bundle collection are listed below. Click on the individual products for further details. This Bumper Bundle collection comes with a 20% discount over catalogue prices.

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