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MTL Motivators: Counselling Skills

In the "Counselling Skills" Motivators, you'll find some of the best quotes ever written about using the counselling approach to solve people problems. Read why George Adams thinks you should never miss a chance to give encouragement; what Hannah Smith believes is the true secret to giving advice; what, for Rebecca Falls, is the most valuable feature of listening; what Leo Buscaglia says is the most powerful thing we can do for another; and the manner in which Eleanor Roosevelt says we should help others. There are 100 slides in this great collection. Weave them into your formal Counselling Skills training as thought-provokers and sources of quiet reflection and you'll add a touch of class to your training.

"Counselling Skills" Motivators: Our Selection of Short Quotes

The following selection of quotes from this collection is based on their brevity, wit, and charm. They're ideal for use in the "Tower of Bable" training game that we'll give you below.

1. "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path, without brightening our own." (Ben Sweetland)

2. "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important." (Janet Lane)

3. "Tact is the art of convincing people that they know more than you do." (Raymond Mortimer)

4. "Sympathy sees, and says, 'I'm sorry.' Compassion feels, and whispers, 'I'll help.'." (Source Unknown)

5. "Advice is like snow; the softer it falls the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind." (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

"Counselling Skills" Motivators: "The Tower of Babel"

As well as using this selection of quotes to learn more about managing people problems, you can also use them on any Counselling Skills training course in the game of "The Tower of Babel".

Start by selecting around 6 or 7 quotes from the "Counselling Skills" Motivators collection. The ones above will be ideal. Write these on 3" x 5" cards.

Now, go online to a translation site such as or microsofttranslator and translate your quotes into different languages. Copy these from the translator and write them up on numbered flipcharts. Post them around the room. Make a note of the language and quote on each flipchart. Now write the names of the selected languages on post-it notes and write out the English version of the quotes on 3" x 5" cards. You are now ready to play the game.

You can get your group to play the game as one team working together or split them up and have them compete. (If you do this, you will have to copy out further sets of post-it notes.)

In round 1 of the game, the team(s) have 3 goes to guess what the quote is and what language it is in. If they guess correctly for each of these, they are awarded 5 points. Record the scores.

If after 3 goes, they don't guess correctly, move on to round 2. Hand out the post-it notes with the name of the languages on. Allow the team(s) 3 goes to put the right language against the right translation. Award them 3 points if they get these correct within the 3 goes. Record the scores.

Finally, hand out the translated quote cards and ask the team(s) to decide which quote goes with which translation. Allow them 3 goes as before and award them 1 point for every quote they guess correctly. Announce the score, or, if you're playing the game with competing teams, announce the winning team.

Use the game as your introduction to the full "Counselling Skills" Motivators slideshow.

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