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"Developing Facilitation Skills"

We are delighted to offer you this free e-book from the Irish Combat Poverty Agency which is an excellent handbook for those of you who have some basic knowledge of facilitation and want to take their skills to the next level and further. The book covers all the key topics of facilitation, including theory on personal growth and group development. But it is its focus on helping you set your own goals and move towards them that will probably benefit you most. In this book, you'll find practical advice on nearly every issue that faces facilitators. This advice, your reflection, and subsequent practice will take you on a very special journey that will change the way you work with others.

Developing Facilitation Skills: Table of Contents

The "Developing Facilitation Skills" e-book is 116 pages long and has the following chapters:

1. Using this Book
2. Working with Groups, including "Styles of facilitation" and "Principles and Values"
3. How Groups Develop, including "Life Cycles" and "Roles in Groups"
4. Preparing, Planning and Designing a Session, including "Consultation Check-list" and "Sample plans"
5. Learning to Listen, including "Pitfalls" and "Developing active listening skills"
6. Working Together, including "Positive participation" and "Poor participation"
7. Difficulties and Conflict, including "Warning signs" and "Techniques for difficult situations"
8. Planning and Decision-Making Sessions, including "Facilitating a Planning session" and "Sample decision-making session"
9. Evaluating and Assessing, including "Stages of an evaluation" and "Facilitating an evaluation session"
10. Working with Diversity and Complexity Issues, including "People with physical disabilities" and "Single or mixed social class groups"
11. Choosing Materials and Methods, including "Factors affecting choice of materials" and "Methods and ways of working with groups"
12. Exercises: Selection and Samples, including "Awareness exercises" and "Group hope exercises"
13. Skills Enhancement Programme Record
14. Useful Reading and Contacts

Developing Facilitation Skills: More Resources

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