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"Facilitation Core Skills"

We think that facilitation is one of the most important skills in the trainer's skill set. It totally transforms the way you train and the way your trainees experience learning. When you master the art of facilitation, you'll see a revolutionary change come over the way you see individuals, groups, and the development process. Ingrid Bens' book, "Facilitation Core Skills" is one of the best e-books we've come across to help you make the leap from traditional trainer to empowering facilitator. Told in an easy-to-read style as a series of lesson plans, this book will set you firmly on the road to master the facilitator's craft.

Facilitation Core Skills: The 10 Lessons

"Facilitation Core Skills" is 108 pages long and has the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Facilitation, including core beliefs, like adding a second gear, and major misunderstanding
Lesson 2: The Five Core Practices, including the importance of neutrality, facilitating now instead of what, and using the five skills with individuals
Lesson 3: The Start Sequence, including asserting the process, dealing with resistance, and using parking lots
Lesson 4: Establishing Norms, including examples of generic group norms, using norms to manage interactions, and anonymous ways to establish norms
Lesson 5: Recording Group Ideas, including the rules of wording, the secret wording tip, and flipchart management tips
Lesson 6: Conflict Intervention Techniques, including deciding whether or not to intervene, the intervention wording model, and intervening in private
Lesson 7: Process Checking, including what is a process check, the four P's, and Pluses and Deltas
Lesson 8: Conversation Structure, including Non-decision-making conversations, playing ping-pong, and shift happens!
Lesson 9: Decision-Making Tools, including the five decision options, consensus building, and multi-voting
Lesson 10: Ending a Facilitation, including gradients of agreement, overcoming passive consensus blocks, and meeting wrap-up.

Facilitation Core Skills: More Resources for Your Learning

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