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Free Sampler: MTL E-Manuals

A Comprehensive Training Resource

The Maximising Your Potential E-Manual free sampler gives you selected resources from the full Maximising Your Potential E-Manual. It will show you how you can use the full management training resource to train your team and organisation to develop their personal development skills. The free sampler manual is just a glimpse of what you will get from the full e-manuals in the series.

See How to Develop Your Own Courses

The types of course you can develop with any of the MTL E-Manuals are virtually limitless. Typically you can create courses in running appraisals, (the Appraisal Skills E-Manual), how to negotiate (the Influencing and Negotiating Skills E-Manual) and how to manage your time better (the Time Management E-Manual). When you own the full series of 20 e-manuals, you will be able to create any course you like in management and personal development skills.

Features of the E-Manual Sampler

As an example of what you will get in the full management training manuals, this free sampler gives you 5 sections taken from the Maximising Your Potential E-Manual. These are:
· all A to E entries. That's 20 information-packed topics.
· 80 Quizzes from the Quiz section
· 10 Classroom-ready Exercises, including "My Life and Times", "This Is Me", and "The Limits Dartboard"
· 7 specially-created Worksheets, including "My Talents, My Genius", "Overcoming the Odds", and "The Route to a Goal"

What Next?

Once you have seen this free sampler, take a look at the full versions of Maximising Your Potential and other personal development training manuals such as Assertiveness and Stress Management. For examples of how the materials can be used in Maximising Your Potential course plans, download Discover Your Genius, The Magnetic Power of Goals, and Positivity in the MTL 1daycourseplans series. You can also add other personal development training manuals to your training library or download the complete set of 20 MTL E-Manuals as a MTL Bumper Bundle collection. 

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