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Free Sampler: MTL Mini-Courses

Quick and Effective Learning

The Mini-Courses free sampler is a set of Flash-based training courses that will give you a taste of how easy it is to learn with the full series. Attractively designed and easy-to-navigate, these mini-courses are ideal for those who want to develop their skills in management and personal development topics in a quick, inexpensive and effective way.

What You'll Get in the Mini-Courses Sampler

In this Try-Before-You-Buy sampler, you'll get the following programmes:

1. Communications Barriers. This short fully-illustrated mini-course will explain what communication barriers are and how you can overcome them. 7 topics including Don't Play Games, Speak the Same Language, and Don't Let Sex Come Between You.

2. Preparing for Negotiations, a must-have for anyone who carries out negotiations for themselves or their business. 7 topics including The PIN Triangle, The Variables See-Saw, and A Butterfly Diagram.

3. People Builders. Discover how to grow people and create new leaders. 7 topics including Sow Habits and Reap a Destiny, Treat them Right, and Remove the Limits.

4. Brainpower. Maximise the 3lb universe inside your head. 9 topics including The History of the Brain, The Phenomenal Brain, and Access to the Subconscious.

5. Teamwork, Learn what makes a team a team. 7 topics including Share and Share Alike, Ask for Help, and Take Bold Risks.

The Mini-Courses Experience

The experience you'll get with the mini-courses from ManageTrainLearn is quite unique. Starting with an overview page where you can pick your topic, you'll then be able to navigate where you want to go with each page giving you an original illustration and distilled relevant learning points.

What Next?

Using this mini-course free sampler as your starting point, why not explore the other Mini-Courses in this series or download the whole collection in the Mini-Courses Bumper Bundle at a discounted price.   

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