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Management Learning Bites

"Management Learning Bites" is a unique collection of 1000 short, succinct, and self-contained skills summaries that will take you just seconds to read but can be applied and practised for the rest of your professional life. These skills topics are taken from our years of classroom training that we know work for both new and experienced managers. They will simply transform the way you manage yourself and others and result in improved performance of your team, better relationships with others, and a confidence that comes from knowing how to skilfully handle every situation you face at work.

Bite-Size Learning

The "Management Learning Bites" e-book is designed to make learning easy and fun. You can dip in at any spare moment of the day and in just a few seconds pick up a tip or technique that will change the way you work. The 1000 skills summaries are listed in the following categories:

Appraisal Skills
Change Management
Counselling Skills
Customer Care
Delegation and Empowerment
Facilitation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Leadership Skills
Maximising Your Potential
Presentation Skills
Recruitment and Selection
Stress Management
Thinking Skills
Time Management
Training Skills

Examples of Learning Bites

Here, taken from the section on Teambuilding, are just a few of the skills you'll learn in "Management Learning Bites":

· the difference between groups and teams
· the common thread between Rolls and Royce and Lennon and McCartney
· the 3 stages of organisational growth
· the 5 stages of Bruce Tuckman's model of team growth
· how to instil daily habits of teamwork into a group
· why you should replace 3 "C" words with 3 "A" words
· what geese know about teamwork that we can learn from
· a daily habit that produces a coaching culture
· how to pick new team members
· the best size for your team
· where team conflict comes from
· how to handle the stars in your team
· how to handle the passengers in your team
· the different things that men and women want from a team.

Getting the Best from "Management Learning Bites"

"Management Learning Bites" is the perfect companion to other management manuals in the MTL E-Books series, giving you more detail than "Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers" but helping you learn quicker than the fuller Step by Step Series. With "Management Learning Bites", you can build your skills one step at a time at your own pace and in a way that suits you. Whether you are a new manager learning from scratch, or an experienced manager re-freshing your skills, this e-book is all you'll ever need to master the complex, changing world of work today.

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