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07. Managing Change

Deliver Change Management Training Straight from the Box

The "Managing Change" One-Day Course Plan is a fully-researched trainer's resource pack that will enable you to teach your trainees to steer themselves and their teams through chaotic times and come out on top. The resource pack consists of a course-ready Powerpoint file and a detailed Facilitator's Guide. Together, these two resources will enable you to deliver quality training to your team or organisation with minimum preparation, minimum research, and minimum cost.

Features of the "Managing Change" Course Plan

The "Managing Change" one-day course plan is built around the following 6 sessions:
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Group Exercise
Session 3: Understanding Change
Session 4: Responding to Change
Session 5: Organisational Change
Session 6: Review and Close

A High Level of Training Material

The "Managing Change" Facilitator's Guide gives you all the detailed training material you need to become competent in this topic and deliver to a high training standard. The course uses 4 models, including "Defining Change" and "The Nature of Change"; 4 worksheets, including "Finish Me" and "The Long-Term View"; and 5 exercises, including "Changing Course" and "Moving the Tea Room".

Complementary Products

Along with the "Managing Change" one-day course plan, you can download "The Skills of Managing Change" and "How to Manage Personal Change" and so complete the trio of MTL 1daycourseplans on Change Management. You will also find a wealth of training material in the MTL E-Manual on Change Management. If you want to create a fully-resourced library of one-day course plans covering all the major management and personal development skills, then why not download the complete set of 60 MTL 1daycourseplans as a MTL Bumper Bundle collection. 

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