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"A Happy Pocket Full of Money"

An Overview of "A Happy Pocket Full of Money"

This e-book is one of the most revolutionary books you'll ever read about the real nature of money. More than a revolution, it's a quantum leap. In it, you'll learn how to experience infinite wealth, abundance and happiness by discovering what's inside you and knowing that nothing outside of you can stop you.

About Author David Cameron Gikandi

David Cameron Gikandi was born in Kenya and had his education in several parts of the world. He majored in International Business at Jacksonville University in Florida and at University of Western Sydney in Sydney, Australia. David Cameron Gikandi was a creative consultant on “The Secret,” the 2006 bestselling film documentary based on Rhonda Byrne’s book of the same title. With "A Happy Pocket Full of Money", he has become the acknowledged expert on the real nature of money.

Contents of "A Happy Pocket Full of Money"

The following chapter headings in "A Happy Pocket Full of Money" will uncover for you the real nature of money:

· Money: an illusion, a shadow, or something else
· Quantum Physics: Knowing what you and the world are made of
· The Truth About Time: It doesn ot exist except as you say it does
· Images of the Mind: the blueprints of life
· Thinking and Speaking: the instructions of and for life
· Goals: the road map to and in wealth
· Being: First Cause, the beginning
· Acting: that which receives
· Certainty: the most powerful force and the antidote to failure
· Cause and Effect: the prime law of the universe
· Conditions: they are fantastic illusions
· Success: you can never fail
· Want Not: desire, but never ever want
· Purpose: why you are here
· Giving: it's what it's all about
· Gratitude: seals the deal
· Consciousness: you experience what you are awake to
· The Self: the architect of the universe
· One: all that is
· Abundance: you have it all
· Happiness: Life is Joy and Joy is Life
· Money: How to use the symbol.

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