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MTL E-Manuals: Presentation Skills

A Comprehensive Presentation Skills Training Resource

The Presentation Skills E-Manual is a comprehensive management training manual that will give you everything you need to train your team and organisation to develop their communication skills. With an easy-to-use interface, there are literally hundreds of resources in this E-Manual that you can use straight from the page, mixed or matched with other resources, or adapted for your own needs.

Develop Your Own Courses with the Presentation Skills E-Manual

The types of course you can develop with the Presentation Skills E-Manual are virtually limitless. Typically you can create courses in how to win a business audience over; how to structure your presentation; how to use your voice; and how to handle your nerves. Nor are you limited in the length of any courses you create as the training materials in this manual can be used for any length of course.

Features of the Presentation Skills E-Manual

Each of the management training manuals in this series is divided into 5 sections of original and ready-to-use resources. In the Presentation Skills E-Manual, you'll get:
· 79 A to Z topics
· over 120 quiz questions
· 37 training room exercises
· 25 ready-to-use worksheets
· over 40 quotations

Complementary Products

For examples of how the materials in this management training manual can be used in Presentation Skills course plans, download Winning a Business Audience Over, Presentation Techniques, and Preparing a Presentation in the MTL 1daycourseplans series. You can also add other communication skills training manuals to your training library such as Influencing and Negotiatingi and Customer Care or download the complete set of 20 MTL E-Manuals as a MTL Bumper Bundle collection.

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