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MTL Catalogue 2011

An Overview of "The MTL Catalogue 2011"

The ManageTrainLearn Catalogue for 2011 is now out! The catalogue is your up-to-date guide to the very best of MTL skills and MTL products. Here you'll find our descriptions of the 20 management and personal development skills you need for personal and professional success in 2011, along with all the training and development products you need to get you there. Each page will show you why you need to become competent in these life and work skills and how MTL products will help you learn and develop yourself and others. Download the catalogue now and use it as your reference for all your training and learning needs throughout the coming year.

The Skills in "The MTL Catalogue 2011"

"The ManageTrainLearn Catalogue 2011" is organised around the following 20 management and personal development skills:

1. Appraisal Skills
2. Assertiveness
3. Change Management
4. Communications
5. Counselling Skills
6. Customer Care
7. Delegation and Empowerment
8. Discipline
9. Enneagram Personality Types
10. Facilitation Skills
11. Influencing and Negotiating Skills
12. Leadership Skills
13. Maximising Your Potential
14. Presentation Skills
15. Recruitment and Selection
16. Stress Management
17. Teambuilding
18. Thinking Skills
19. Time Management
20. Training Skills

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