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06. Customer Care

"Step by Step to Customer Care" is a pocketbook training manual that will give you all the skills you need to become an outstanding customer service provider. Well-researched, well-designed, and well-written, it will teach you all you need to know to perform well in this key skill of modern business.

What You'll Learn

In "Step by Step to Customer Care",  you'll learn:
· Why customer service is the key differentiator between businesses that succeed and those that don't
· How to put the customer at the centre of your organisation
· Easy ways to build rapport with any kind of customer
· What to do to manage each step of the customer's journey
· Why you should create magic moments of truth to score more customer triumphs
· Seven simple steps that will help you to remember how to handle a customer complaint, even while you're doing it
· Why you should develop your unique customer service style.

Modules in "Step by Step to Customer Care"

Like all the pocketbook training manuals in this series, "Step by Step to Customer Care" is divided into a series of modules within which are a series of topics that enable you to learn in easy, rapid, and memorable ways.

The modules in "Step by Step to Customer Care" are:
1.    What is Customer Care?
2.    Ichiban to Kaizen
3.    Customer Focus
4.    The Customer Promise
5.    Customer Champions
6.    Customer Feedback
7.    Moments of Truth
8.    Customer Relations
9.    Customer Complaints
10.    Service Style

Complementary Products

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