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"The MTL Quotes Collection"

An Overview of "The MTL Quotes Collection"

This 285-page anthology is a unique collection of management and personal development quotes. Under 20 headings, - from Appraisal Skills through to Training Skills, - you’ll find around 100 quotes, giving you some 2000 quotes in total. Every quote has been selected on the basis of their learning value. Some are so spot-on that they are worth a whole training course on their own. Others will make you think. And many more will set off an "ah-ah" moment of recognition and understanding.

Contributors to "The MTL Quotes Collection"

These management and personal development quotes are the distilled wisdom of the ages. Some are as old as human history, going back to the times of the ancient cultures with quotes from Aristotle, the Buddha, and Seneca. Others are quotes from writers of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, such as Jonathan Swift, John Dryden, and William Shakespeare. The rest are bang up to date from the words of writers, statesmen, and celebrities of the 21st century such as Christopher Reeve, Barbra Streisand, and John Kennedy.

Contents of "The MTL Quotes Collection"

The 2000 management and personal development quotes in "The MTL Quotes Collection" are arranged under the following headings:

Appraisal Skills
Change Management
Counselling Skills
Customer Care
Delegation and Empowerment
Enneagram Personality Types
Facilitation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Leadership Skills
Maximising Your Potential
Presentation Skills
Recruitment and Selection
Stress Management
Thinking Skills
Time Management
Training Skills

Using "The MTL Quotes Collection"

You can use this collection of management and personal development quotes in any way you choose. You can dip in in spare moments just for the pleasure of reading a well-crafted, well-told, and well-observed reflection. Or, if you are a trainer, you can use them on posters, in games, or as illustrations in your handouts. Whatever you do, this collection will become your ultimate and constant companion in your own journey of learning and development. 

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