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20. Training Skills

"Step by Step to Training Skills" is a pocketbook training manual that will give you all the skills you need to become competent in training skills. Well-researched, well-designed, and well-written, it will teach you all you need to know to perform well in this key skill of people management.

What You'll Learn

In "Step by Step to Training Skills",  you'll learn:
· How learning increases your earnings
· The best model of training by far
· The secret of getting people to remember 75% of what you tell them
· Why your trainees pay less attention to what you say and more to how you say it
· How to make presentations that won’t bore the pants off your audience
· What Jack Canfield learnt in a school playground that will revolutionize the way you train
· What a child of six can teach you about learning

Modules in "Step by Step to Training Skills"

Like all the pocketbook training manuals in this series, "Step by Step to Training Skills" is divided into a series of modules within which are a series of topics that enable you to learn in easy, rapid, and memorable ways.

The modules in "Step by Step to Training Skills" are:
1. The Need for Training
2. Managing Training
3. Models of Learning
4. Designing Training
5. Running a Course
6. The Process of Training
7. Groupwork and Training
8. Learning Styles
9. The Resourceful Trainer
10. Evaluating Training

Complementary Products

To learn more about people management in general and training skills in particular, subscribe to any of the online courses and SkillBoosters in training skills. You can also collect other pocketbook training manuals in this series or download the complete set of Step by Step e-books as a MTL Bumper Bundle collection.

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