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"Success With Simplicity"

Management is not a new profession but it is an increasingly complex one. A hundred years ago, the job of manager was relatively simple. In those days, the manager was simply responsible for getting work done. There were relatively few obstacles in the way. There were no employment laws. Technology hadn't been invented. And the add-ons that we have become used to tacking on to the job, such as leadership skills, customer service, communicating up, down, sideways, and outwards, and concerns such as diversity and inclusion seemed like light years away. Today, many managers are overwhelmed with the complexity of the job such that many are giving up the battle. So, this newly-revised book by David Brewster, "Success with Simplicity" really does have a clear and simple message: uncomplicate the role of manager and you'll be more successful.

"Success with Simplicity": Succeed Where Others Fail

David Brewster's achievement in "Success with Simplicity" is to strip management back to its basics. Whether you're overwhelmed with an endless to-do list, or feel you're on top of things but want to build more simplicity into your products, services and communications, this e-book offers a way in which you can differentiate yourself from the competition and manage in simpler, stress-free, and more balanced ways.

The following are the chapters in this 161-page book:
Simplicity for Management
Simplicity for Strategy
Simplicity for Getting and Keeping Customers
Simplicity for Productivity
Simplicity for Decision Making
Simplicity for Good Communication
Simplicity for Innovation
Simplicity and Your People
Simplicity and You.

Few would disagree with David Brewster when he says that "simplicity" is a beautiful word but one that, in a more and more complex world, most managers regard as an impossible dream. Download this book and you'll find that the dream can become a reality of pure simplicity.

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