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"Workshops that Work"

In 2005, some time after it had completed its print run in the McGraw-Hill Training Series, writer Professor Phil Race decided to make his book of 100 training event ideas available for free as an e-book. And here is that book. Along with co-authors, Tom Bourner and Vivien Martin, this is one of the most thorough, straightforward, and practical books you'll ever find to help you create popular workshops. In its 171 pages, it covers everything you'll possibly need to know before, during and after running a workshop.

"Workshops that Work": Table of Contents

The "Workshops that Work" e-book provides detailed description of over 100 of the key techniques of running successful training events, including the following:
· Workshop design for experiential learning
· Set a pre-workshop task
· Joining instructions to participants
· Your facilitator's toolbook
· Be kind to yourself
· How to run a disastrous workshop
· Participants' aims
· A learning agreement
· Prioritising objectives
· Roles of a workshop facilitator
· Who does what?
· Room lay out
· Housekeeping: a checklist
· Learning names
· Three icebreakers
· Groundrules
· Ownership and how we learn
· Good and bad learning experiences
· Buzz groups
· Square root groups
· Keeping a learning log
· Ideawriting
· Free range eggs
· "Pyramiding" or "snowballing"
· Six thinking gloves

and much much more.

Our Verdict on "Workshops that Work"

We think that this e-book is so good that it is the only manual you'll ever need to design great workshops, whether you're starting out as a workshop facilitator or have been doing it for years. It contains almost everything you'll need so that you'll never be stuck for an idea of how to do something in your programme. Keep it with you at all times and your workshops will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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