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Privacy Policy

"Our Policies and Commitments To You"

Your Email Privacy

We have a simple and straightforward policy on email privacy. We don't share your email addresses with anyone.

Copyright and Trademarks

All the material on this site is copyright KSA Training Ltd, parent company of Managetrainlearn, in the year it was published and all subsequent years, unless otherwise stated. The material on this site is protected under international copyright laws and conventions.

We do not object to the reproduction of any material such as articles and product information, on condition that the reproduction clearly states the source of the material as "Managetrainlearn". Where we suspect deliberate attempts to steal our material, we will not hesitate to pursue those we consider responsible through the legal process. To request permission to reproduce material from the managetrainlearn site, please use our contact form.


All the material on this website and in MTL Products is designed and created by ManageTrainLearn. Where the material is not our original work, such as quotations or references to copyrighted material, we will acknowledge it where it is known. If you feel that any material belongs to you and we have not acknowledged it, please contact us so we can put it right.

Product Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions on which our products are licensed and sold is covered by specific terms and conditions for each product. It is a requirement of purchasing MTL products that you must agree to these terms and conditions before purchasing.

For clarification of any of these policies, please get in touch with us through our contact form.