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If you're responsible for training in your organisation, we'd like to know if any of the following has ever happened to you.

  • You sometimes run out of ideas for your training sessions.
  • You use the same old exercises that you've used for years.
  • Your presentations lack pzzazz.
  • You struggle to enthuse your trainees.
  • You never have enough time to prepare.
  • You often see a sea of silent faces looking back at you.
  • When your courses aren't working, you've no backup plan.
  • Before a course, you have sleepless nights.
  • You dread course evaluations.
  • Your trainees often yawn.
  • You can't wait to get your courses finished.
  • You don't know whether your trainees have learnt anything.

If so, we have some great news for you. None of this need happen again. So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and we'll explain why.

Be a star of your organisation today!

Being a trainer today is no easy job. If you run training courses for your company or as a consultant for other companies, you have so many people to please.

To start with, you need to please your customer, whether it's your boss or another business. Second, you have to please the people sitting in front of you. No easy task that. And third, you have to please the organisation with measurable bottom-line results.

It's enough to break out in a sweat before every event. If that's you, then there's welcome news. You don't have to go through any of this pain.

With Slide Topics from Manage Train Learn, you can sail through every single course you run. No worry. No fear. No sweat.

Not only will you get great evaluations from happy learners, who can't wait to put what you've taught them into practice. You'll also be a star of your organisation with a reputation to match.

It's easy. It's quick. It's proven.

And, in a minute, we'll show you a way to prove it. And it won't cost you a single penny. In fact, you'll be quids in.

Be the star of your organisation

But, first, you might wonder: how can we make such promises?

The answer is that, as a UK-wide training company with hundreds of courses under our belts, we know what it's like when your courses lose a bit of their sparkle.

It's happened to us many times and it's not much fun.

That's why, for over 25 years, we've worked hard to create the kind of training resources we would like to use ourselves. It's also why, in the mid-1990's, at the start of the Internet age, we became one of the very first online training companies and, today, with hundreds of courses delivered worldwide, we're still leading the rest.

But, we're not resting on our laurels.

Now, with our new-look site, we are taking two giant steps forward to give you the best materials we've ever made.

One of the first online training companies around

So, what are the two giant steps forward?

First, if you've used us before, you'll find that all our materials are different.

You've been used to our Flash, Word and PDF courses. But, today, we know that you need something more versatile, more engaging, and more attractive. That's why we have moved lock, stock, and barrel over to PowerPoint. Which we believe is now the number one e-learning platform in the world.

Second, we are great believers in what we call "Empowered Learning". We don't think it is your job to be responsible for your trainees' learning. It's theirs. Your job is to create the means by which they can do this. And, with MTL and Slide Topics, you can do exactly that.

Think of it as a three-way partnership.

First, there's us. With our unrivalled expertise in content and design.

Next, there's you. With the knowledge and expertise of your own businesses.

And third, there's your trainees. Who use our products delivered by you to make real changes in their work and performance.

This three-way partnership will guarantee you successful learning outcomes.

All of our slides run on PowerPoint

So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Exactly, what do you get with the new-look MTL?

Well, to start with, we are now able to offer you one of the biggest ranges of course plans anywhere. In fact, over 200.

And if you want to design your own courses, we have all the ingredients you could wish for. High-energy, laugh-out-loud icebreakers. Structured discussions. Formal presentations. Original exercises. Worksheet logs. Curated videos. End-of-course quizzes, and much much more.

We don't stop there.

All your old favourites have had expert makeovers so that you can now get better-than-ever Teambuilders, Infographics, Stories that Coach, Flash Cards, Key Points, Course Topics, Slide Quotes and One-Minute Tips.

We've also produced a brand-new range of Templates for Trainers: visually-stunning, fully-diagrammed PowerPoints where all you have to do is add your own content.

And here's the really great thing. As a subscriber, you can edit every slide you download to your heart's content. Add your logo. Change the text. Show your own photos. Record an audio. Make a video. Incorporate step-by-step animations and really cool transitions. And that's just scratching the surface. The possibilities are endless. And, with every slide you transform, you'll be skyrocketing your training into the stratosphere.

And, as an extra feature, if you already create stunning PowerPoints, or use our templates to create new ones, you can now add them to Manage Train Learn, either for show or for sale.

That's our new Slide Topics. We call it service with a big big smile!

Over 200 plans available

So, is that all that's different?

Well, we think that's pretty good to be going on with.

But, since you ask, the answer's No, there's a lot more.

We've picked out two things we'd love to tell you about.

The first is the new MTL MasterClass section of Manage Train Learn. It's our updated online catalogue of e-learning material.

Imagine that you had a complete up-to-date library of professional and personal development material that you could dip into at any time using a simple search system where you could find exactly what you needed in seconds. That's MTL MasterClass.

The other thing we want to tell you about is our new Slide Topics subscription service. Unlike our old site where each product was priced to suit us, we now have a subscription service which is designed to suit you. Now, you can select the pricing and quota plan that meets your needs and, once subscribed, you can download what you want, when you want, and at a price that suits your pocket.

And the really great part of this new service is that all our slides start from just 15p each, regardless of whatever topic they cover.

That's an unbeatable price however you look at it!

Our new materclass and subscription services are now available

As you can tell, we love our new MTL.

And we're pretty sure you will too.

So, here's something we've never done before. Just to prove to you how Slide Topics can make you an outstanding manager, trainer, and learner.

Before you finish reading this page, you're going to see a link to sign up for a totally free tour of our new-look MTL. Not just limited access. But access to every single slide on our site.

We call it the Stardust Tour.

When you click this link, it won't take you to a payment page. You'll go straight to our site as a fully-paid-up subscriber. Nor will we put pop-up boxes on your screen every time you look at a new page.

And, to give you enough time to see the full range of our slides and get the MTL experience, you'll have free access for 14 days.

And, here's something we weren't going to do, but we're doing it anyway.

If you sign up to the 14-day free trial today, we'll give you 100 slides to download for free so you can see for yourself the quality of our designs and content.

To anyone else, this would come with at least a £15 minimum price tag. But to you, as a new subscriber, it's completely free.

Remember, we weren't going to do this. We may change our minds. So, do it now before we have second thoughts.

Take the stardust tour!
Take the stardust tour and get 100 slides free download

So, that's our great new site!

Designed by us. Made for you. And giving you your own little sprinkling of training stardust.

PS. Don't put it off! Sign up now for our 14 day free Stardust Tour and view every single slide on our site.

PPS. Don't forget. If you sign up TODAY, you'll get a credit of 100 slide downloads from any part of our catalogue at no cost to you.

PPPS. And a final reminder. This offer has no strings attached. It's quick. It's easy. And it's free.

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