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Build a Vision of Team Success

When we work in a team, we can be at one of three levels.

1. at level one, we belong to the team in name only. The team is simply where we report. Our work is focused on a succession of routine, repetitive, and uninspiring chores and we largely work alone. We may make friends in the team but only for socialising in between work activities.

2. at level two, we use the team to help us realise our personal needs and goals. The team is there to help us earn a living and to provide us with protection if there is a threat. We might also look to the team for our social needs and for positive feedback when we've done a good piece of work.

3. at level three, the team is the focus of all our work activities. We identify with the team more than our work role. We both give to the team and get something back. The team meets our emotional needs at work and allows us to do work of a high quality. The team is the safety net that allows us to take big risks. We are building a vision.

These 3 teamworking levels can be summed up in the following anecdote from Peter Schultz of Porsche.

"Teamworking": the Anecdote

Three people were working on a construction site. All were doing the same job but when each one was asked what he was doing, the answers varied.

"Breaking rocks", said the first.
"Earning a living," answered the second.
"Helping to build a cathedral," replied the third.

Video 01: A Different Approach to Teamwork

Here is Geoff Burch's very funny take on the above story.

"Teamworking": the 5 Lessons

If you want your teamworking to be at level 3, building a vision, apply the following lessons:

a. Lead your team by having a vision of what you can achieve together.
b. Don't give up on the vision even when things go wrong. Believe you can do it.
c. Model the best habits of teamworking such as sharing and supporting, being open and sincere, and giving before getting.
d. Work with team members one-on-one to find out what they can do better than you. Highlight what other people bring to the team. See the team like a jigsaw puzzle where each person is like each puzzle piece and necessary for the completed picture.
e. Realise that you can do all of these whether you are an official team leader or just one of the team.

Video 02: The Secrets of Successful Teamwork

In this video from Coding Tech, you'll learn what research by Google discovered were the 3 determinants of great teams.