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If you are an expert in your learning field and have created PowerPoints that are as good as - or better than - ours, then why not post them on this site and earn money as a result?

  • We have only a few conditions
  • You must be registered with MTL (there is no charge for this).
  • Your PowerPoints must be training, learning, or educational presentations that will be of value to people in their work and professional life. This could be job-related, eg IT, finance, medicine, media, transport as well as profession-related, eg executive level, management level, supervisor level. Your slides should provide in-demand content and be stunning to look at. (Like most people, we don't like boring, bullet-point slides!)
  • Your slides should be no bigger than 10Mb.
  • You must own the copyright for the material and design. (If you do not, we cannot accept your slides.)
  • In submitting your PowerPoints, you give us the right to edit the presentations, (eg to break down one slide into two if it reads better), or content, (eg to correct spellings and punctuation). However, the copyright for the work will always remain with you.
  • Our decision to post your work is final and not up for discussion or negotiation. (Don't get mad if we say No. It might not mean what you think. Anyway, if it is No, you can always re-work your slides and try again.)
  • If we accept your work, then you become an MTL Content Partner and we would expect to work with you to promote your work on the MTL platform. We retain the right to remove your presentation at any time for any reason and without notification. As downloadable slides, our subscribers have the right to use and amend your presentations for training and learning purposes only. They may not re-sell them as their own.
  • There is no fee at all for posting your PowerPoints, now or in the future. Simply, our desire to build a site with the very best e-learning PowerPoints around. (It goes without saying that we will not read past the first word of illegal, illicit, or otherwise unacceptable material so, please, don't send it.)
  • You receive revenue when a paid-for subscriber downloads your slides. The % of earnings paid to you is 65% of what is paid by the subscriber to us.

What you receive in earnings

Payments are made to you when an MTL subscriber, (but not a free subscriber), downloads one of your PowerPoints as part of their monthly subscription.

Your payment is based on four factors:

  1. How many of your slides a subscriber downloads in any given month
  2. What % this is as a proportion of their total monthly download quota
  3. The price the subscriber has paid in that month
  4. The agreed % paid to you.

So, if a subscriber has signed up to a monthly quota of 500 slides, and downloads one or more of your presentations with a total of 100 slides, that is 20% of their monthly quota. If their monthly subscription was £100, £20 of this comes to us from your slides. We then pay you 65% of this amount ie £13.

We will notify you at agreed intervals what you have earned based on your downloads. Payments are then made to your PayPal account by us, on request from you or on receipt of your invoice.

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If you meet and accept all of the above requirements and conditions, then give us a try.

If you want to post more than one presentation, you will need to complete the details below for each one.